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A home, office cleaning service is growing in Texas

Maid Right and sister company JAN-PRO Cleaning Services are continuing their rapid sweep of Lone Star state, quickly adding new territories, franchises and customers.

The Georgia-based cleaning powerhouse is trying to unit a largely fragmented industry by offering mom and pops cleaning services the chance to have professional back-end payroll, technology and cleaning supplies while maintaining their independence.

Maid Right, which specializes in cleaning homes, is currently looking for a regional master franchise owner so it can launch in Addison. The owner will oversee individual unit franchises who will clean homes in the Addison/North Dallas area.

Both companies operates with a three-tier system with the parent company Premium Franchise Brands at the top, master franchises in the middle and then the individual franchises that actually do the cleaning at the bottom. The individual cleaners are considered independent businesses but they carry the JAN-PRO name, use the corporation's equipment and supplies and take advantage of the back-end services.

Maid Right recently launched in Frisco and Keller in 2015.

Cleaning offices large and small

JAN-PRO has been cleaning offices in North Texas since 2004 and currently has 136 active unit franchises of various sizes cleaning 600 different facilities. It’s looking to add up to 24 more this year.

“We’ve had phenomenal success,” said Cliff Newkirk, president of JAN-PRO. “We’re the beneficiaries of a very robust economy, a very business friendly environment and an entrepreneurial population. We don’t see any limit on our growth

When the local T-Mobile store or State Farm office closes, an army of JAN-PRO independent contractors swoops in.

Chains like T-Mobile have multiple locations and they don’t want to have 15 different cleaning companies, Newkirk said.

“Each building has a preset schedule and the frequency of cleaning is dictated by a myriad of factors,” Newkirk said. “The cleaning schedules for commercial facilities are set up at the onset of the contractual relationship.” ​

Best of both worlds

JAN-PRO and Maid Right have their own approach to cleaning.

Typical small business cleaning services oftentimes aren’t certified, bonded or insured so there’s no protection if something is damaged or stolen. On the other end of the spectrum, most cleaning franchises send a different crew every time so the work is never consistent.

“We’ve married the best of both worlds,” said Scott Thompson, vice president of franchises for Maid Right. “Our franchisees are the cleaners and they are the same person coming to your house each time. They also have a direct line to the regional franchises office.”

Homeowners can download an app and notify Maid Right when they need to schedule a cleaning. The franchisee automatically gets the convenience of the app, badge and supplies but is still an independent contractor.

Most importantly, the unit franchises get customers from the master franchisee and are paid automatically through the app consistently.

“We do all the selling and marketing of the cleaning contracts,” said Newkirk. “We do all of the billing and collections and then forward the proceeds to the individual franchise owners.”

The unit franchise employees are all contract workers who pay to be part of the master franchisee.

“They decide which customers to service and make decisions to comply with franchise guidelines,” Newkirk said.

Individual Maid Right franchises pay a one-time $1,600 fee to join the master franchisee and buy supplies, such as vacuums and brooms. Then they buy a block of homes to clean--the actual customer acquisition is done by the master franchisee.

JAN-PRO is looking to expand in other Texas markets including Corpus Christi, Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland/Odessa, Longview, Tyler, McAllen and El Paso/Las Cruses. Maid Right has room for expansion in Austin and San Antonio, according to the company. 

August 3, 2017 - 5:28pm